Dental Surgery in Thirsk, North Yorkshire
Joe T

My teeth were never really straight and so in the late months of 2008 my dentist (Boyd Jamieson) suggest having a brace put in, as there was not enough room in my mouth for all my teeth. I leaped at the chance to straighten out my teeth. We arranged a date for the brace to be fitted and a few teeth to be removed, after seeing that I had one more than I was supposed to! Over the next 15 months or so I simply went in every 4-5 weeks to have the brace tightened and to have new wires put in, not a tiresome task at all. After the first couple of appointments, I never really noticed the brace even being there. After the brace was removed, moulds of my new teeth were taken to allow special retainers to be made to keep my teeth straight permanently. Like the braces, after a very short while I never even noticed they were there. I was extremely pleased with the braces and retainers, and the result of them both on my teeth.


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